The CO2 Green Drive Project is an ongoing and worldwide series of Art, Climate & Technology events designed to promote Green Growth and global sustainable change. The project was initially developed in connection with the UN Climate Summit COP15 in Copenhagen/Denmark in December 2009.

Following an artistic and co-creative founded approach, the objective of CO2 Green Drive is to invite citizens around the world to take centerstage while City Halls, businesses and NGOs enjoy a timely, relevant and playful  opportunity to spread awareness of their challenges, solutions and achievements.

To this end, CO2 Green Drive creates a citywide and virtual CO2 “Painting Performance” using locally procured, human and alternative fuel powered transportation solutions as Brushes, cities as Canvases and the specially developed CO2 Green Drive Smartphone Application as Paint.

In this fashion CO2 Green Drive has tagged more than 20 cities on five continents with citywide CO2 “Performance Paintings” since 2009 using electric, hybrid and bioethanol vehicles in New York, Cape Town and Copenhagen, bicycles and skaters in Dakar and runners in India to name but a few cities and different modes of Brushes.