The CO2 Green Drive Project Group

The CO2 Green Drive Project Group consists of a diverse team with an artist, a lawyer and an IT programmer.
The team defines and articulates the yearly plans for the CO2 Green Drive and ensures the correct execution of the plans and the quality of the process.

Artist Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen (b. 1972) founded the CO2 Green Drive project in 2008 as part of several ongoing projects combining art with global awareness of contemporary issues and challenges.  Moreover, Jacob wanted to provide a platform for Denmark to tell the story of its potential as a first mover in a global perspective. Within CO2 Green Drive Jacob is in charge of production, concept development, branding, curating related exhibitions, events and performances.


Jesper Fuglsang Mikkelsen (b.1963) has more than 15 years’ experience within the Information Technology industry from companies like Logica, EDS. ARLA and HP.
Prior to that, he worked for three years in Management Consulting at A.T. Kearney and has three years of research and teaching experience from Copenhagen Business School.
 Jesper was involved with the initial concept development of CO2 Green Drive in 2008 and as Jacob’s brother, he has been closesly involved ever since.
His current tasks within the project is on the business side, including Contract Management, Sponsors, Collaborations and Strategy. He is in charge of the commercial aspects of  CO2 Green Drive, including products, sponsorships, commercial agreements and sales.


With 15 years experience within mobile telephone technology, incl. security, user interface, product optimization, design and operational systems,
Henrik Gilvad, (b. 1972) heads the IT aspects of CGD. In 2009 Henrik won Nokia’s Excellence of Quality and Innovation Price. Since 2010 he has produced Apps for Symbian, Android, iOS and Windows Phone and worked with a variety of companies, such as, Oticon, BeKey, Daman, Hippih and Kadaver.
Henrik has since 2011 been in charge of the development and production of the CO2 Green Drive Smart Phone Application and web interface.


Associates to the CO2 Green Drive Project Group

Jørgen Møller

Project Consultant – China

Marco Germinario

Project Consultant – Italy

Peter Eyermann

Project Consultant – Sweden