Past Events: 2009 – 2016 – A selection


Green Day – CO2 Green Drive – St Petersburg October 2016

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The video about the event


Presentation of CO2 Green Drive at The Strategic Planning Forum for the Regions and Cities of Russia


Back to the Future – A collaboration with The Wave Project from 2016


The video about the project


Image from the Guinness World Record attempt in front of the UN building in Gevena

Copenhagen Under Water – from 2015


Image from the installation



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The Electric Bridge – Guinness World Record “Largest Parade of Electric Cars” – over a Bridge


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More about the event HERE

100 Year of Electric Cars & Driving Green Conference


The Electric Hope in Øksnehallen

Manila – 29th of November 2013


Collaboration with Clean Air Asia producing “CAR – Manila” (Clean Air Ride) on 29th of November 2013.
The above “air” tag was done in the streets of Manila.

Read more about what took place HERE


Oresund Electric Car Rally 2013

On June 1st 2013, Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen was part of The Oresund Electric Car Rally by tagging 5 cities in the Oresunds District.

Copenhagen, Helsingør in Denmark and  Helsingborg, Landskrona and Malmo in Sweden.
The Tagging performance was done on an Electric Bike, with an iphone 5 and the five cities was the canvases.

The Copenhagen CO2 Tag was the 4th version since 2008.

More about the event HERE

Russia – St Petersburg 

Art Exhibition Opening on June 29th 2013:
New Ideas for the City – 2013: Green Urbanism
Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen will be part of the above exhibition with his: “The Intentional Art Manifest


April 21st 2013 – Earth Day Celebration CO2 Performance by Electric Vehicles, Bikes and Runners in 11 Cities on 6 Continents.
Find information about the New York version HERE


5th of April at Dome of Futures – for more info go HERE


Official Launch of SA_EVA – Sound Artists for Electric Cars on April 5th 2013

Hong Kong – CLEAN AIR DRIVE in connection to The Better Air Quality Conference 5th to 7th of December 2012

Celebrity drivers and the general public use environmentally friendly, zero-emission modes of transport (cars, bicycles, rollerblades, monocycles, prams and walking) and tag the word ‘AIR‘ on the streets of Hong Kong. The route will be marked by means of GPS tracking device and plotted on a map that serves as the ‘canvas’.  Simultaneous to the event, the ‘tagging’ made through a smartphone app will be projected on a big screen at the venue for public viewing.

Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen also held a presentation about CO2 Green Drive at  the Danish Exhibition Area’s “Speakers Corner” on December 6th at 15.50, in connection the Hong Kong Business of Design Week (HKBoDW) 

More information on the event HERE

Ishøj – Copenhagen Art Run September 2012

In connection to the project “Copenhagen Art Run” that was held in the Danish city of Ishøj, runners could download the GPS App and run a CO2 shaped route close to the Ishøj Beach and Modern Art Museum Arken.

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Burning Man August 2012

Under the moniker “Electric Parade” CO2 Green was produced on the 30th August at the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada using pedestrians and a Bio-diesel & Solar Powered truck to completed a CO2 shaped route on the “Playa”.

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Earth Day New York April 2012

On 20th April 2012 the 2nd CO2 E Drive took place in New York where approximately 25 all-electric and hybrid vehicles completed an E shaped route through Manhattan ending with an exhibition and a Green Car Fashion Show on Times Square in collaboration with Mr. Green. Special guest speaker on Times Square was the man behind the Chevy VOLT, Bob Lutz.

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Horsens April 2012

Simultaneously with activities in New York a convoy of 200 bicycles and 10 Electric Vehicles “tagged” Horsens in Denmark with a CO2 “tag” during the EU top meetings in Horsens.

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Yokohama April 2012

On 22nd April 2012 a CO2 painting in Yokohama was performed singlehanded by a member of the CO2 Green Drive Project Management team.

India April 2012

On Earth Day 22nd April 2012 six cities in India and approximately 250 runners and cyclists took part in CO2 Green Drive and the “Crawl Walk Run” Earth Day activities. The activities were organized in collaboration with the organizers behind “La Ultra – The High”, the world’s toughest ultra-marathon, and Centre for Social Markets and included activities in Bangalore, Delhi, Thane, Pune, Bhopal and Hyderabad .

  • In Bangalore 70-80 people took part in the activities and in Thane more than 50 participants from the age of six to 76 joined the activities.
  • In Delhi 15 cyclists and 10 runners alongside a large number of volunteers ensured that Delhi was “tagged” with a huge CO2 while 35-50 runners participated in the activities in Hyderabad.
  • In Pune 20 people joined a core team of 4 members doing a 24 hours run. Finally, in Bhopal 3 runners equipped with Smartphone GPS tracking took part in the CO2 Green Drive activities.

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Dakar April 2012

On 22nd April 2012 a convoy of 130 bicyclists and 25 skaters completed a CO2 shaped route through Dakar/Senegal to raise awareness of bicycles as an effective, affordable and sustainable transportation solution. The activities were organized in collaboration with Dakar City Hall and covered extensively by nationwide newspapers, radio and TV.

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Cape Town April 2012

Cape Town/South Africa took part in CO2 Green Drive for the first time on 22nd April 2012 where South Africa based Electric Vehicle producer Optimal Energy provided the Joule Electric Vehicle prototype to function as “brush”.

Santiago April 2012

In Santiago two events took place on Earth Day 22nd April as part of CO2 Green Drive with around 60-70 people participating. One group of bicyclists did a 12 km long CO2 shaped route ending up in Parque de las Esculturas to put focus on the use of green areas in Santiago and show that you can easily reach them by bike. In another part of town a group of bicyclists shaped the CO2 logo seen from above.

CPH:DOX – Revenge of the Electric Car Screening 2011

On November 7th 2011, Chris Paine’s “Revenge of the Electric Car” was shown in Denmark during the Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival – CPH:DOX. CO2 Green Drive facilitated the screening, screened their own “Rought Cut” from the New York CO2 E – Drive, arranged a Q & A session after the screening  and networking event afterwards.

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Copenhagen August 2011

The 2nd CO2 Green Drive in Copenhagen/Denmark took place 13th August 2011 and included more than 30 electric cars, scooters and MCs “tagging” Copenhagen with a huge CO2 painting. The convoy ended with a catwalk of the participating vehicles, a “bikini car wash”, free food and music by the harbor front.

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New York April 2011

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Under the label CO2 E Drive New York saw its first CO2 Green Drive event on Earth Day 22nd April 2011. The activities included 30 electric, biofuels and hybrid vehicles completing an E shaped route through Manhattan starting at the Solar One Building on East 23rd Street and ended with an “Green Car Fashion Show” on Times Square. Honoring Earth Day New York’s campaign “Be the E” Manhattan was “tagged” with a huge E that was screened live on the Toshiba monitor on Times Square.

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Urbino April 2011

The Urbino version was done in collaboration with Ragnarcok Nordic Festival on April 13th in connection to the European Sustainable Energy Week. The CO2 tag was done in the streets of the city along with a “Green Vehicle Exhibition” on the main square of the city.

Parma March 2011

The Parma version was held in connection to the first edition of the VE Show – an international convention focused on electric vehicles and sustainable mobility, which was held at Parma’s Exhibition Centre on March 26th 2011. It was produced in collaboration with Ragnarock Nordic Festival. A CO2 tag was done through the city along with a “Green Vehicle Exhibition” on a city square.

Milano November 2010

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The second CO2 Green Drive took place in Milan on November 13th in collaboration with Ragnarock Nordic Festival with over 30 vehicles, including the Electric DeLorean and a large selection of Electric Scooters. The day started at “Leonardo Da Vinci Square” before taking off into the city where the convoy also stopped to officially open the first EV charger in Milan. A conference was also held talking about the future of Milan transportation and implementation of EV’s.

Vilnius October 2010

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The first CO2 ”tag” performance under the label CO2 Green Drive took place in Vilnius/Lithuania on 23rd October 2010 and included more than 30 vehicles. Activities included a Drag Race between the Tesla Roadster and three gasoline guzzlers to prove the lightning fast acceleration of the 100 percent electric Tesla alongside  a “Green Car Catwalk” on the main square of the city. A conference on Sustainability and the potential future for a CO2 neutral Lithuania was held along with a public screening of “Who Killed the Electric Car” at a local theater.

See the Project Presentation by our collaborators in Vilnius Oval – Not Round HERE

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Roskilde July 2010

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In collaboration with the Municipality of Roskilde CO2 Green Drive was performed in Roskilde City by 33 electric cars, busses, scooters and MCs on 4th July 2010. The CO2 route finished with an exhibition of vehicles at Roskilde Festival, Northern Europe´s largest Music Festival attended by 100.000 people.

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Riga Part 2 – May 2010

The second version of the CO2 E Race in Riga was done with 20 electric, hybrid and biofuled vehicles, along with bikes and electric motorcycles. A “Green Car Cat Walk “performance was also held in the main square of the city where the first EV charger was installed during a special ceremony along with activities for children and families.

COP15 in Copenhagen December 2009

The largest version of CO2 Green Drive was performed during COP15 in Copenhagen/Denmark on December 13th 2009 where 100 electric, hybrid, hydrogen and biofuel vehicles participated. The event started with an exhibition of vehicles and an eco-friendly “Green Car Cat Walk” on City Hall Square witnessed by an estimated 10.000 spectators followed by a CO2 “tag” screened live on a huge globe monitor (see above image) on City Hall Square.

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Pimp my Hope – The Danish National Museum

Family friendly performances, exhibitions and workshops including Captain Hope, Mr. Green, Will Gurley and the HOPE Electric car in cardboard designed by Will Gurley and Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen.

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Riga November 2009

The second CO2 Green Drive event was performed November 14th 2009 in Riga/Latvia and included two electric cars; The electric Hummer and the Danish Lynx sports car. The live CO2 “painting” was screened live on three jumbo screens around Riga. Events were held at the National Motor Museum and National  Arts Center  and was broadcast on national TV, radio, online and in print.

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Street Fire – Copenhagen Custom Car Show

Establishing the annual new area of the Copenhagen Custom Car Show called “The Electric Corner“.  The vehicles also included the Danish World Record Breaking “Silver Bullet” Electric Drag MC. The main intent with being included in a Custom Car Show was to introduce the Electric Car to the most people who are the biggest sceptics of the Electric Car.

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Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

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An Electric Car Exhibition was arranged along with a E RACE between the Danish Electric Car LYNX & the American Tesla

Copenhagen Design Week 2009

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An Electric Car Exhibition was arranged as part of the SHOWHOW Exhibition

Roskilde Festival Electric & Bio Fuel Vehicle Exhibition & Muhammad Yunus 2009

An Electric car Exhibition was produced along with bringing Muhammad Yunus to the Roskilde Festival from the Airport in a Electric Jaguar and up on Orange Stage right before the Cold Play concert.

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Milan June 2009

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The inaugural CO2 Green Drive event (performed under the original name “CO2 E-Race” – or Erase CO2) was performed in Milan/Italy 28th June 2009 in collaboration with Ragnarock Nordic Festival. Two Electric hybrid busses joined by academics, students, journalists and local “Green” business people completed a CO2 shaped route through Milan and during the two hour trip had discussions and interaction about sustainability, Green Tech and art & culture as a driving force.

Sunny Happy People Parade at Distortion Festival 2009

A Parade through the streets of Copenhagen with CO2 Neutral vehicles was produced as part of Distortian Festival, with a follow up exhibition of the vehicles on the festival area.

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