The Artistic Concept

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I learn.”

                                                 Benjamin Franklin

The CO2 Green Drive Project is founded on the notion that innovative and playful projects are needed that physically and intellectually engage society as a whole in order to promote sustainable change on a massive scale. To this end, CO2 Green Drive turns towards Art and Culture as the most potent and universal vehicles. Thus, through the channels of art CO2 Green Drive is designed to offer a high profile, adaptable and all-inclusive platform where all stakeholders can come together and co-create a citywide piece of art as a Performance.

Specifically, the event offers a platform for messages and a relevant occasion for City Halls to raise awareness of local initiatives and sites where the city is at the environmental forefront. Most importantly, CO2 Green Drive invites citizens to take center stage in the Performance and enjoy a social and entertaining event where businesses, public offices, NGOs and other stakeholders can present the solutions and initiatives they propose and/or have already taken to combat the Global Climate Challenges.

Download a PDF for more information:

Art & Inspiration of a CO2 Green Drive Exhibition 2012

A Curatorial Statement by Sarah Lookofsky from 2010