The CO2 Green Drive Project was initiated under the moniker CO2 E – Race in 2008. The name was conceived following various artistic considerations and held a number of connotations:

Erase CO2

E for Electric or Energy Race

A Race for Climate Awareness

Read Ph.D and Art Historian Sarah Lookofsky’s wonderful curatorial text for the exhibition at EXIT ART in New York City called AUTOTOPIA HERE where she introduces the concept of “Erasure“.

The name, however, proved difficult to use and often caused readers to believe the project was about speed and racing. Consequently, in early 2012 the name of the project was officially changed to CO2 Green Drive.

In connection with CO2 Green Drive Art Exhibitions the Project Group recommends that these take place some time after CO2 Green Drive and the actual CO2 “painting” performance. This will offer a relaxed atmosphere and alternative environment for B2B and B2G networking and another opportunity to enjoy screening of the CO2 “painting” performance and for CO2 Green Drive partners and collaborators to showcase their products and expertise to the public.

The Project Group recommends for the exhibition to be co-curated by Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen and a local curator to address the local aspects of Climate and Transportation related issues. Likewise, the inclusion of local artists using the CO2 Green Drive framework will ensure a continous interpretation of the project and a platform for worldwide city-to-city collaborations.

Alternatively, Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen may himself curate an exhibition based on his research of the local conditions, local CO2 Green Drive documentation in video and photography and materials from previous exhibitions.

Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen’s inspiration for the project can be found HERE