The CO2 Green Drive Activities

The main rationale of the CO2 Green Drive Project is purposeful engagement which is reflected in the breakdown of its major activities.

These include:

  1. The CO2”painting” performance
  2. The “Cat Walk Performance”” and exhibition activities
  3. A Citywide Endeavour: Inclusion of bicyclists, runners, pedestrians and skaters
  4. The CO2 Green Drive Art Exhibition
  5. Supplementary and Optional Activities

The CO2 “Painting” Performance

CO2 Green Drive opens with the CO2 “painting” performance using a convoy of local, human and alternative fuel powered vehicles and transportation means completing a CO2 or other city specific shaped route through the city. Via the specially developed CO2 Green Drive smartphone application the participants can be monitored live on a city specific website where they leave a “painted” line as they complete the CO2 route. The website can be screened live on a public monitor and provides an entertaining spectacle that can be combined with sponsor messages.


The Exhibition and “Cat Walk” Activities

Benefitting from the attention accompanying the CO2 “painting” performance the vehicles (or “brushes”) can be presented as part of a “Green Car Fashion Show” on a Cat Walk stage and publicly exhibited. This will also offer an opportunity to include relevant sponsors and collaborators that are not directly related to transportation, such as, sustainable food and mobile service providers.

Central for all activities is that focus is on creating a playful, engaging and family and crowd friendly event where the sustainability aspect is a natural component rather than an overarching message. In this respect, the CO2 Green Drive activity program offers rich opportunities to engage the local art, NGO and volunteers community that can be invited to develop relevant, city specific activities.


A Citywide Endeavour: Bicyclists, Runners, Pedestrians and Skaters

The CO2 Green Drive platform works for vehicles and human powered transportation means alike. Particularly the inclusion of bicyclists, runners, pedestrians, skaters and stiltwalkers et. al. provides activities with high social potential where citizens can exercise their passion for sport, exercise and hobbies as well as being active part of a narrative together with other citizens determined to show their adhesion to the cause of sustainability. Likewise, public screening of the CO2 “painting” offers a chance to garner extensive public attention at a central location where sponsors, partners and collaborators will enjoy a pertinent product placement opportunity in front of an enthusiastic and participating crowd.


The CO2 Green Drive Art Exhibition

Using CO2 Green Drive as the inspirational setting CO2 Green Drive has held Contemporary Art Exhibitions in Copenhagen and New York. Future exhibitions may be developed in collaboration with local artists and curators. We recommend for the opening to take place after the CO2 Green Drive Performance to offer another relaxed and alternative event for B2B and B2G networking along with an opportunity for CO2 Green Drive partners and collaborators to showcase Their Green Activities.


Supplementary Activities

With more than 20 successful executions under the belt the CO2 Green Drive Project Group has developed a series of supplementary activities that may be engaged as part of the CO2 Green Drive program. These include, amongst others, crowd and family friendly activities, Drag Race activities and film screenings. In collaboration with the Culture|Futures Conference series a conference focusing on art and culture as a driver of behavioral changes towards an ecological age may also be part of the activity program.